The Global Friendship workshop aims to envision future common sense, using stop motion animation and Virtual Reality
arriving at your place we bring
- special laser-cut kits for 360 stop motion animation (doll box, characters, icons, etc)
- a 360 camera
- a VR headset with controllers
- mediaserver
To run the workshop we need:

- dedicated ip fast internet connection
- 4 tables
- few chairs
- dry erase board with markers
- table lamp
- two power strips for PC and VR

This is the setup at the Arts Lab, University of New Mexico. Actually we do not need so much room

But running a workshop at the facility where some additional tools for creativity can be found on-the-go makes sense.
In Albuquerque, for example, students used a short-throw projector to add 3d mapping inside our stop-motion environment, which is amazing to view in VR after.
We encourage participants to bring their own stuff: small toys, paint,
materials - anything they like to add to a VR experience